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Georgia Tupelo Honey

Each Spring Georgia Tupelo Trees bloom Beautiful White Blossoms full of Sweet Nectar that Our Honey Bees collect to make Georgia Tupelo Honey!  It has a mild to medium bodied flavor that is smooth and very sweet.  It is a premium specialty Honey with high demand and IT IS MY FAVORITE! It's color is light gold to white.  Georgia Tupelo Trees bloom in later April on average for 14-20 days and in swampy land and creek beds from south Georgia into the Panhandle of Florida. Our Tupelo Honey bee yards are near Ashburn, GA
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Tupelo Honey

1 lb Tupelo Honey

Case of 12-1lb Tupelo Honey

2 lb Tupelo Honey

Case of 6-2 lb Tupelo Honey

Tupelo Honey

Tupelo Honey

Tupelo Honey
3 lb Tupelo Honey

Case of 6-3 lb Tupelo Honey

1 gallon Tupelo Honey with free 1lb Summer Berry

Case of 4 gallons Tupelo Honey

60lb Tupelo Honey

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