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Our Honey is 100% Pure, Raw, and All-Natural!  We maintain this quality by simply removing the Honey from Our Beehives and it’s beeswax comb, strain it (not micro-filtered), and put it into containers for you.  

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Our Local Wildflower Honey has a sweet medium to full-bodied flavor that is fast to enhance any breakfast, dessert, or whenever sugar is used!  It is the best honey for allergies because of the dozens of diverse flowers and trees from which the honey bees gather nectar.

It is usually light amber to dark amber in color.   However, color and flavor will vary from season to season and year to year depending on the weather and the most abundant plants and/or  trees producing nectar.  In the spring of 2010 our wildflower honey had an unusual  extra light amber color because the abundant nectar from wild black berries, and black gum and persimmons trees along with an unusual lack of nectar from tulip poplar tree (which darkens wildflower honey).  In the summer of 2011 and 2012 our beehives made an excellent sweet nutty wildflower honey that is dark amber in color due to ample nectar from Sumac blossoms. 

Each Spring Tupelo Trees bloom Beautiful White Blossoms full of Sweet Nectar that Our Honey Bees collect to make Tupelo Honey!  It is a mild to medium bodied with a delicious sweet, buttery cream flavor. It is a premium specialty Honey with high demand and IT IS MY FAVORITE! It's color is light gold to white.  Tupelo Trees bloom in later April on average for 14-20 days and in swampy land and creek beds from south Georgia into the Panhandle of Florida. Most of your Tupelo Honey bee yards are near Ashburn, GA.

Our Luscious Clover honey is super sweet with a medium to full bodied flavor.  Yellow and White Clover blooms around the 5th of June until mid-to-late July each year.  Our Clover bee yards are around the Kickapoo Creek and Dawson Lake (Marine View State Park) areas near Downs, IL.  Unfortunately, Clover does not grow well in Georgia because of the hot summers.    

During Early Spring in March, we take our honey bees to orange groves near Avon Park, Florida where the Wonderful Fragrant Smell of Orange Tree Blossoms fill the air.  Our honey bees quickly begin harvesting their sweet nectar to make one of the World’s Most Popular Honey, Orange Blossom Honey.  It is a very unique, fruity, and sweet honey and it is My Wife’s Favorite Honey!   Its medium bodies flavor is sometimes described as citrus and its color can very from extra light amber to white. Everybody we know loves Orange Blossom Honey!    

Orange trees are know to be one of the heaviest nectar producers in the world.  In an average year a super strong hive of honey bees can make over 200lbs. of honey.  During the peak of the nectar flow this year, we had some hives of bees that made over 110lbs of honey in 8 days.  Needless to say, we take all our beehives to the orange grove!

Each summer in July we take our honey bees on a short trip, about 125 miles, to the Appalachian Mountains of Northeast Georgia and North Carolina to make Sourwood honey.  Sourwood honey, which is made from the nectar our honey bees collect from Sourwood trees, is not sour.  It is very sweet with a beautiful creamy caramel flavor.  Known around the country as a premium or gourmet honey because of it flavor, Sourwood honey is one of the hardest varieties of honey to make in the world as its nectar production is easily effected by the slighted adverse weather.  As a result, Sourwood honey is usually in short supply year after year.  While Sourwood trees grow around our bee yards in Douglas County and as far south as Florida, only the Sourwood trees at higher elevation in and around the Appalachian Mountain produce enough nectar to make a pure Sourwood honey.      

Crisp and creamy, our Summer Berry Honey is a rare delicious delight that your taste buds will relish.  Carefully hand selected by the local beekeepers at the Sweetwater Creek Honey Farm for it’s zesty spirit of sweet satisfaction, it is made in the honey bee yards of the deep southern timbers.  It’s notable flavor is perfectly paired with pancakes, peanut butter, fruit, honey glazed grilled dishes, and even wine and cheese.

Sweet and creamy with a hint of cinnamon our all-natural Purple Blossom Honey is simply amazing.  This unique honey is made by the honeybees gathering sweet, raw nectar from the Purple Star Thistle plant.  Very rare and uncommonly produced we have selected this honey for it’s premium flavor for you to enjoy. 

 Thank you for buying our HONEY! 

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